How Channelled Writing Works

Channelled Writing is allowing spirit to communicate through you through writing.

Some start channeled writing by drawing spirals or circles or scribbling until they feel spirit has entered and writes through them.

I use channeled writing in my readings. I place the person’s name in the Star of David and draw a circle around the star (for protection). I then place my hands on the image I have drawn and begin my reading. I am using spirit, the client’s energy and the client’s spirit guides and angels as well to receive messages.

Through my third eye I begin to see images, words or even a scene playing out, much like a movie. That is how I conduct a majority of my readings.

We all have the ability to use channelled writing as a means to communicate with spirit and receive messages. It takes a bit of practice to do this. You must allow yourself to be in a very relaxed state and have paper and pen ready in hand. Ask simple questions at first so as not to frustrate yourself and allow the spirit to communicate. You should always start with a protection prayer before commencing any reading of any sort with the divine spirit to ensure that only good spirit be allowed in. Darkness could mask itself as good and unless you can see spirit it can be very confusing.

So protect your sacred space and self first, then move into a very relaxed peaceful state and begin to communicate. Do it in small increments and increase as your comfort level advances.