What do dreams mean?

What are dreams? Why do they happen?Dream Quote

Dreams can be defined as images, ideas, emotions or sensations that occur in themind during certain sleep stages.

Dreams as I understand it are messages from the Divine to us. When we close off the Divine, the Divine will communicate to assist us, helping us with direction of the Self and the soul. It if is not done through dreams it will be done through nature as well. Divine always attempts to assist and reach. It us who push the Divine away. The Divine does not want to abandon us.

In the present times, dreams are considered to be of the unconscious mind. Dreams can be scary, magical, adventurous, shocking and even sexual. Dreams can warn, can assist with creativity, help inspire, and can also be premonitions.

Each dream interpretation can be a little different from one person to the next. For example, if you had a bad relationship with your father or a male in your life when you dream of a male it may represent a negative male entering your life or that negativity in business will arise as males in dreams also represent business.

Dreams can also be forewarnings as well. I had a dream once that I was walking outside old church grounds where I had attended previously. As I walked down the green lawn (money) I walked into an old parish priest. He was all in black (negativity due to the black outfit). He said “Hi you lost your wallet”. When I turned to look at the wallet I found only credit cards (debt) in it and as I looked up I saw an angel in sitting a distance away (Divine was watching over and I would receive help in the situation).

Shortly after the dream, my husband at the time lost his job. He was given a 3 month package and found a job just before the package ended. Hence, the Divine provided a message that trouble was coming, but the situation would be helped by Divine intervention and to have no fear as the Divine knew to help and was watching over us.

The suggestion to write down your dreams and to analyze them is very important. It helps one to understand recurring themes and helps to apply meaning to recurring events.