Smudging Ceremony: Clearing Away Old Spirits

candle quote rhospiritualguideOn the evening of July 12, 2014, I conducted a clearing, also known as a smudging, at an old home circa 1892 in Hamilton.  Of course any home that old would most likely have residual activity.  Not only because of the date of the home, but also because the land connected to the home has absorbed so much energy.

How do I conduct a smudging?

I light the candle for spirit I’m communicating with and also to help the spirits that have not crossed-over to look for the light to connect with. They use the light of the candle as a guide and follow it to the other side.  I burn a sage bundle in an abalone shell bowl and fan the smoke with a feather around windows and doors to remove and send away negative energy. After the clearing with sage, I always recommend a following with sweetgrass.

Helping good and dark spirits move on

On that night there were several spirits that resided at the house that needed to be cleared.  There was also a great deal of residual energy.  Residual energy is like a permanent recording of an event.  The scene just keeps repeating.  I still encourage a clearing of the event.  One scene was a male enjoying reading a book.  The moment kept repeating itself.  The scene was lying on the bed and reading.  Feeling safe and enjoying his book.  It was a happy scene to see.  We still cleared the scene.

Eventually we made our way to the area where the real threat was.  A portal had been opened and a dark energy emerged.  It was black and its head looked partially like a bird.  It was tall and dark.  I don’t ask it to identify itself.  It does speak to me in my third eye and only negative words.  My intention is to make it leave and not come back again.  I also called in the angels.    As the seal was created, the dark being was removed from the home.

I saw a flash of white light and knew the task had been accomplished.

Anyone can do the same as long as you do it with strength and forthrightness.  You can not show fear, but must communicate with the right words and intention and have the courage to so.