Real Life Ghost Stories: Haunted House

Ghost-StoriesHalloween is almost here! I love this time of year, with all the costumes, candies, pumpkins and, of course, ghosts!

Doing the work that I do has exposed me to many a ghost and apparition. Of course, since I am a medium, I see loved ones when I am reading someone. Unfortunately I also can see those that were not so loved on this earth, those who are still needing forgiveness. Regardless, both are indeed ghosts or apparitions.

Just to clarify the difference, ghosts are considered to be white wisps or vapour that we may see. An apparition is a full-bodied person or sometimes you may see a floating head or half a person’s body. They may appear as solid or transparent.

When an apparition does not show its full body it is because they have only so much energy to appear, therefore you can only see a portion of them. Of course, it can be quite terrifying for some, no matter what the type of spirit.

I am often asked if seeing apparitions or ghosts frightens me anymore. The answer is no, they don’t. But then I’ve had quite a lifetime of these things popping up in front of me, around me, over me and sometimes have even felt them go through me!

Although I have already told you about how I saw my first apparition as a child, today I wanted to share an experience that I had shortly after I was first married. I believe this haunting started the process which led me to where I am today.

I had just bought a house with my then husband. I was told by a neighbour that the house was close to 100 hundred years old.

Soon after we moved in, I noticed odd things. I would hear banging and heavy footsteps, but no one was there. Closet doors would be open in the morning and I couldn’t open some doors at times unless I got mad. My cats were skittish constantly. I felt followed and watched from room to room.

We had a property search that went back 40 years at the least and we learned that the house was owned by the same family during that time, however, it did not seem to me that this was what was haunting the place.

Finally, one of the spirits decided to make their presence more known. One day I walked into the living room – at the time I was eating ice cream from a bowl. Suddenly, a man appeared before me. He looked like he was a soldier from the War of 1812. He started to laugh, but he was transparent. I was absolutely stunned. His eyes went dark and his hand came toward me as if to slap me, but instead he pushed my spoon into my mouth. It cut my gum. To this day I still have trouble with that side of my mouth.

After this experience I could no longer deny my ability to see the dead. I started researching to understand what was happening to me and found, among other things, that the property where we were living was the site of a mass graveyard for Irish soldiers in the 18th century. Considered a lesser class at the time, they were not permitted to be buried with the rest of the population.

I realized that this must be the source of the mysterious apparition.

Before we finally sold that house, I would have many more encounters. Check back next week when I share what may have been my most frightening experience, and the event that ultimately led to my leaving that house.

Until then, peace,