Real Life Ghost Stories: Witch Encounters

Real Life Ghost Stories: Witch EncountersWitches are a Halloween staple. We dress up like them, we even dress up our daughters like them.

But witches are real and I came face-to-face with one during a clearing.

Before I entered the domain I laid my hands on the building and I saw a woman all in black with bright red hair hissing at me.

We entered the house and, as I was speaking to the owner, the witch appeared again, standing behind her and hissing. Of course the owner had no idea. The witch was hissing at us to frighten us. I shared what I saw and my friend was a little stunned and taken aback. I quietly told her “Do not fear, we can do this” but I knew there would be a battle between the witch and I and I tried to prepare myself.

I continued on and began as I always do, starting at the top of a house or building and working my way down to the basement. We encountered several other spiritual tenants who were sent to the light or residual tenants that needed to be cleared of the energy still stuck there.

Finally it was time to descend into the basement.

A horrible smell came to me. It was vile, vile. No else smelled it but me. What I had picked up was that the witch had been a religious woman, but she had secretly converted to embrace and sacrifice herself to the darkness. As a result, she had become a very nasty person on this earth and hurt so many in any form she could, especially children. The children were still there with her, off to one side. They were there not only due to their attachment to her, but also because she had told them they would never ever be allowed to the place beyond. I explained otherwise and showed them the light. As they went we were overcome with the most incredible joy one can feel!

Then the real battle began. I called in all of the “spirits” that I usually work with and included Archangel Michael. The witch did not want to leave – she wanted to remain on this earth to spread her vileness. It was an exhausting battle, but with St. Michael all battles are won. Eventually we sent her to where she belonged, sealing her passage back so that she could not return.

Two weeks later the client called me back. The sewer had backed up and she was scared.

I went back and everything still seemed fine and clear. It seemed that the rage of the witch was so strong that she was attempting to come back, but the seal was too strong so she could not return.