Real Life Ghost Stories: Dark Entities

Rho Spirtual Guide Ghost StoryHappy Halloween everyone.

I have saved my most terrifying story for last.

It happened at the same house that I had described before. I was sleeping one night when somehow I woke up. Across from the foot of my bed, I saw the closet door slowly move. It seemed to almost glide open. Out of the door came black figures. They too were gliding.

I could tell by the shape of the figures that some were male and some were female. I could not see faces, they were all dark. (Entities is the term for this). I began to shake my husband to wake him. He couldn’t or wouldn’t wake up and I started to push him and shake him harder.

They surrounded the bed and started to lift the sheets and shake them. I suddenly saw the wall across from my bed go black. It was a black that I can’t describe. A very deep black and cold. As well, it looked like stars were taking shape. Suddenly, I felt like I was being lightly lifted up and pulled in the direction of that jet black void.

Suddenly a wind tunnel began and it became strong and forceful. I held onto my bedpost and starting screaming no you can’t have me. No, no, no! I felt heat and a hand touched my shoulder. I had my eyes closed and I was screaming.

When I turned around it was my husband’s hand on my shoulder. He asked if I was okay.

I told him no. Trembling, I asked if he had seen what I saw but he had no idea what I was talking about and went right back to sleep. I looked around the room.  The closet door was still open and our sheets were at the end of the bed.

My heart was racing and pounding. The thought that came into my head “This house is trying to kill me.” I somehow felt that I would have died had I not been so young and healthy.

Needless to say, we moved out of there.

A few years later I met a woman whom I felt safe enough with to talk to about this incident. She told me that my husband was asleep because they used his energy to come through. As well, she said that somehow I was protected. She felt that, because they were entities, their intention was to kill to me.