Peace on Earth

rhospiritualguide_peacequoteWe are entering a very beautiful season.

In Christian churches it is the season of advent, which is the beginning of the church year. It is a time of anticipation, awaiting the birth of Christ.

This also is the Winter Solstice.  The shortest day and the longest night of the year,when the Sun reverses its presence and therefore is thought to be the time of the birth or rebirth of sun gods.  Again, a season of anticipation.

Even the coming new year lends to the feeling of hope and wonder, as we try to picture how the new year will be.

There is all the gift giving and receiving. Anticipation as to what gifts will we be receiving and also imagining the look of surprise when someone opens the gift you purchased.  Anticipation for the upcoming family gatherings.

All this anticipation can push aside the feelings of peace within.

How can we keep feeling peace or better yet spread the feeling of peace?

Take things slower.

Instead of grabbing a coffee, buy and sip your coffee.  Why fight for that parking spot?  Find a parking spot not so close to the mall, which makes it easier to get in and get out.  After purchasing Christmas gifts, thank spirit for the ability to be able to purchase these items and even be thankful that you can physically go shopping.  There are people that cannot do this!

Ensure you allow yourself even 15 or 20 mins of down time.  A quiet moment or when you are doing something you enjoy and really relish the notion of that moment.  Notice the little things, even how a candle flickers, the calmness of the moment.  In your mind thank spirit, Creator, an angel, yourself for what you have and notice the good events of the day and the good done to you and the good you have done that day.

Stay in that moment and reflect.