rhospiritualguide_joyAnother aspect of the Christmas season is Joy!

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Many things are happening during the upcoming season: family gatherings, gift giving, dinner parties with friends, get-togethers, attending Christmas events, holidays, travel, etc. All the things that bring us joy!

The opposite of joy is grief or sorrow and unfortunately this could be happening to many people as well. Loneliness can be felt more keenly when everyone else seems to having fun. I myself have had a relative pass during the Christmas season, which made me feel intense sorrow in such contrast to all the outward festive trappings.

But, over time I realized that the wheel of life still continues to turn. The sun rises and sets even during sorrowful times. So does the Christmas season – it arrives no matter what else may be going on. I have also come to realize, since doing this work, that at times people pass because they could not do much more on this earth, but could do more by passing to the other side. Sometimes, we have to be open to find the light around us.

One of the things that brings me immense joy is receiving a Christmas Card in the mail. It sounds silly, but I have come to understand it is the small things that keep that feeling alive!

So embrace the joy that this season brings. A child’s laughter as he or she opens her gifts or anticipates the arrival of Christmas or Santa. Singing Christmas carols, the lights and decorations of Christmas, the food and gatherings. Talking to people you normally wouldn’t, like the sales store people that helped with suggestions for purchasing a gift.

The thought of seeing someone you have not seen in a while. A relative that only comes around at Christmas time. The joy of family gatherings reminiscing of past Christmas’. The joy of picking a tree together if you purchase a real tree.

The holiday does not last long, but being aware can help you hold on to that sense of joy and keeping that feeling alive and well, no matter what else may come your way.

Here’s to a JOYFUL SEASON!