Learning How to Love Yourself

rhospiritualguide_selfloveFebruary is the time of love! And while Valentine’s Day is one of those days, why not make it into a month of love.

Let’s start with talk about love of self. All the experts say “if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others”

Why wouldn’t you love yourself? Have you ever asked yourself that? Let’s try it. Get out some writing paper, and a pen or pencil (even different coloured pens for different things you want to write about).

Most of us, I bet, would start with physical attributes.

Now go in. Do you see things about yourself that you do not like? Or are you hearing voices of other people popping up saying what they don’t like about you? You have to listen to your OWN voice. What do you feel are your failings? You may wonder “Are they repairable?”. Of course they are!

We know we deserve love because we are “love beings”. However, over time and with life circumstances, we can begin to feel less and less like this.

To counter this, the first thing you must do is acknowledge that you don’t love something about yourself and ask why you feel that way. Don’t fear yourself. Find out where the self-hate and anger lies. How did you get there and what still keeps you there? You need to clean that all up.

Everyone is born to live with something. Everyone!  We are on this earth to help one another and to develop our own soul. How we live our journey is very important. Learning and understanding how to love yourself is necessary for your progress in your journey of life.

This is even more difficult to do when you are not in a happy place. Be careful not to make excuses or you can wallow in that negative feeling. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t say I wish I could….say “I am”. Recognize your qualities and attributes.

Create a small ritual or ceremony. For example, do this just when you awake or just before you go to bed. Moisturize your face and say “I will keep this smile on all day to be an expression of my self-love” or at the end of the day smile and think of all the things you have accomplished and the positive interactions you have had. Or light a candle and say “I start the day with the flame of love and carry this flame throughout the day to burn it’s warmth” Keep this image in your head throughout the day. Before you go to bed dedicate the flame, look at the flame and think of all the good events that happened.

It can take a bit of time, but take that time to focus and eventually you can go forward with strength and love.