Finding The Love Around You

rhospiritualguide_loveLast week, our focus was “love thy self”. This week we talk about love of those around us.

Are you already thinking of the person or persons you love the very most in your life? That’s great!

But now, how about the people that you kind of love sometimes and sometimes they drive you crazy?

Instead of looking at how flawed or frustrating they are, try looking at how, even though they drive you crazy or upset you sometimes, they have helped you during this journey of life?

Indirectly, have they taught you anything about yourself or about life in general?

Are they pulling out of you some kind of feelings that you don’t recognize or acknowledge in yourself, like courage or patience?

It is during these challenges and obstacles that we learn the most about ourselves. Try reviewing each situation. Did you just look back and say I can’t believe I got through that? Well believe and yes you did. Look back again and try to recognize where you might have received help, even if it was inadvertently.

Life is like driving a car. The car moves as long as you are pushing the pedal and have gas in it. But, what happens when the car breaks down? We usually would look around for help. It may be a policeman stopping by, a tow truck operator , a passerby or you might just call a friend or family member. But there always someone there, even during a sudden crisis.

Look back on your life and see how many times you were helped, intentionally because you asked or unintentionally when you did not even notice until you looked back.

When you were helped, you felt relief and comfort knowing that things were going to be okay or even just by understanding something that was unclear.

Understanding that we are not alone, that people are in or step in and out of our lives for a reason is important. At the same time, we should also be aware that we are all divinely connected during our journeys, that you will also serve a purpose in someone else’s life.

Together, this is our journey. Our life. Always changing. Always moving. Always learning.