We Are One: Finding Love in the Divine



One of the most important loves is the love of Divine. Whether you call it the Creator, God, White Light, White Energy or whatever else you may believe in, it is important to recognize that we are connected to the Divine. We are one with the Divine.

We do have a soul journey on this earth, but we should also be aware that part of our mission on earth is to ultimately return back to the Divine.

The reason it is important to return back to the Divine is that we are not meant to be separate – we are really part of a oneness.

It is our ego that makes us feel separate and apart. It makes us judge one another, and makes us think that money and possessions display whether we have “made it” in life.

Even those that have less financially at times may have a sense of pride or ego thinking that they are not caught up in the “big and better” philosophy, but does that make you better? Isn’t that a form of judging as well?

We have to understand that we are all one. Some of us may have more, some of us may have less. It is in the helping of each other that we realize our oneness and our interconnection.

Of course we all look different, move differently, talk differently, etc but we are still one. As we have heard before we are all “brothers and sisters” – of course we are. Birds are birds, whether they are eagles or sparrows. We humans have to break it down to what kind of bird, but in the end, a bird is part of the bird family which is part of the animal kingdom, which in turn came from Divine. Oneness!

If we hurt each other, we hurt ourselves. When we love ourselves, others will feel such warmth and power. Think, walk, write, or even just feel the oneness. Let us then embrace our oneness to feel the connection with Divine, others and ourselves!