About Star Children: Indigo

indigochildren_rhospiritualguideI am actually very excited to discuss Indigo children and all the other star children in my upcoming posts this month.

Indigos are spiritual warriors. Children are very drawn to Indigos. They feel safe around them and protected. If a child is lost he or she will navigate to an adult Indigo. Indigos have a beautiful clean aura feel to them, unless they have allowed someone to mix their auras with theirs.

Indigos have to be careful of this. Since they are the warrior, always ready to help, they allow others subconsciously to take their great aura energy. They will go home at night feeling exhausted even if they have not done any physical activity. They would feel off, not like themselves and want to close the world out. What an Indigo has to do is to clean and recharge their aura and remove the other persons aura mixed into theirs. There are many methods to use. I will suggest just two. One is to pretend or actually stand in a shower and imagine a white light coming down on them and bathing them. As the white light does this see the other aura which is not yours leave through the bottom of your feet and down the drain, out the door or window. Another method is to use a smudge stick and say as you are doing this remove all negative energy and energy which is not mine and heal any spots that are open and close and seal and protect any open areas. Thank Spirit afterwards with both methods.

Indigos are very social people, but also like to be alone. They do enjoy having their own space. Indigos feel others energy. They can tell if someone is being dishonest or manipulative. However, they also see what is beyond the cover being portrayed. They see the person’s depth – especially the good in the other person. That’s why Indigos may get “why are you friends with that person?”. One needs to remember that they are spiritual warriors. They are trying to help the person realize their positive potential and help them realize that they do not need to be dishonest or manipulative.

The image I like to give is a Spiritual Warrior on a horse with a shield and carrying the sword of truth. Not an easy sword to carry. Truth is scary for many. Why, you say? Because we fear the truth. Truth is cleansing and clear. It is not convoluted or complicated. That is how an Indigo walks this earth.

Indigos are emphatic. They are wise and intuitive. They can be non-conformist and stubborn, because they really do know what the truth is. They stick to their guns and are not easily swayed. They are resistant to authority especially to unreasonable authority. They are creative on many different levels, in their thinking and approach. They are strong and solid on the outside and are kind and extremely sensitive. That is why they need alone time and to cleanse their energy. They do take on a lot as warriors!