About Star Children: Rainbow

rainbowchildren_rhospiritualguideOur final installation of the Star children is Rainbow.

Rainbow children are fearless. Like Crystal, they are very forgiving. They are emotionally stable and let go of anger very quickly. They are quick to smile. They can quickly manifest what they want or what they need. Rainbow children are born free of karma and love harmony. They do not need to have chaotic childhoods because they do not have karma.

They are very strong willed. They operate out of joy and happiness. They operate out of love as well. They have great confidence. I believe a really good sign your child is a rainbow child is when they start drawing rainbows all the time or talk about rainbows as well.

I have read that Rainbow children have an immunity to junk food. Apparently they can process these types of food and can handle toxins. Rainbow children do a large amount of physical clearing in the beginning stages of their life.

Rainbow children have come into the world to help with what the Indigo and Crystal have started. Parents of Rainbow children should take the time to understand them and evolve with them. They should appreciate and understand the gifts their Rainbow children have. By understanding they will evolve along with their Rainbow child.

Rainbow children bring a new energy, one of power and of light. This power comes from the heart. They are sending the power of love and light to the collective consciousness. Oneness!

As little ones they love to colour and they love colours. They also will indicate knowledge of colour at a very young age. They love beauty and see beauty in others. They are very creative. They are very enthusiastic about life and many things in life. They are highly sensitive and loving and I guess another word to best describe them is magical.

I have only provided a minimum amount of information about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. If you feel you are or your child is please, I encourage you to do further research on your own. I hope I have opened up thoughts towards this subject and have peaked your curiosity or have encouraged some kind of understanding towards yourself or your child. If you are having an aha! moment after reading all three installations, then please start the research – you are deserving of knowing more and understanding more. You can ask the Universe to connect you with Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows. This will help you in ways you will understand once you have met them.

To all the aware Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows reading this, I say “welcome”!