Father: Symbol and Meaning from Around the World

father_rhospiritualguideThere are actually several symbols to represent father in nature.

Sky is the first symbol associated with fathers. It is above us and it is big. It represents the intellect as Father is associated with strategy and logical thinking.

In mythology there are several Gods associated with ruling from the “sky”. In Greece there was Zeus, god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightening. Chronos was the father of Zeus and he was considered to be one of the old gods who would turn the wheel of the stars, hence Father Time.

To the Maori people of New Zealand, Rangi was the Sky Father. At the beginning of time, Rangi and his wife Papa were always together. Rangi did not want to separate from his wife, but them staying together was not allowing for the world to create. Therefore one of their children Tane finally pushed Rangi up with his head and his mother down with his feet to become the earth. Then the world began to create.

Sun is another big symbol for male energy. It is a ball of fire also up in the sky. Males are associated with this energy. You call in your Dad to get rid of something that scares you. Like the sun, always providing light. Opposite of darkness. It is considered intense and powerful. Native Americans believe in Grandfather Sun. Apollo is the Greek sun god and Ra is the Egyptian sun god.

Other symbols in nature are seen to represent father / males such as the Oak Tree or animals.

The Raven is father symbol in some parts of the world. In Europe the Raven represents death however it other cultures this is not true. In Greece the Raven is the messenger of Apollo the sun god. In the Inuit culture they have “Raven Father” who is said to represent a creator god. Eagle and Falcon are other types of birds that represent father.

Stag is also a symbol of father / male energy. The antlers symbolize dominance, tools or weapons. Status is another symbol of the stag, as well as superiority and age which is associated with wisdom as the stag obtains his antlers as he ages and matures.

These are just a small amount of the symbols that represent father/males.  I hope I have peaked your curiosity or at least have started you on a search to look for more symbols.