Father Sky

FatherSky_rhospiritualguideThere are upper world Gods and lower world Gods.

Sky Gods are looked upon as patriarchal.

Native Mythology believes in Father Sky. He provides sun and rain to Mother Earth, nourishing her and energizing her. The sun provides light during the day and the moon and stars provide dimmer light at night so that Mother Earth is never dark. The two worked well together, but when Mother Earth boasted that the mountains were established because of her and other natural beauties, Father Sky became upset, pointing out that they had worked together.

Mother Earth denied this which angered Father Sky.  Chaos developed. Volcanoes began erupting and stars fell.  After 4 years, only 4 things remained on the earth: a cedar tree, tobacco, yucca and sage. The Holy People spoke to Mother Earth to make amends with Sky Father and they sent the great Eagle to speak to Father Sky with an apology from Mother Earth. On the fourth day Father Sky sent rain down since after 4 years the land was dry and barren. Father Sky then indicated that all four plants that remained would be used in ceremonies because of their resilience to the four year drought.

In this beautiful story we can see the importance of Father and how he is a nurturer as well even though we cannot see the growth being provided. Our mothers’ cooking and washing provides visible results but fathers do help in the process as well. The father may provide money for the food and clothes, for example. It is in recognizing this process that we can appreciate and understand our fathers.
Egypt’s sky god is Horus. It is said his right eye represents the sun and his left eye represents the moon. His head is that of a falcon. He is also considered the God of War and God of Protection. He kept lower Egypt safe from his uncle Set who killed his father, Osiris, out of jealousy. The Eye of Horus is a protection symbol and can be found as necklaces or rings.

The are many other male sky deities which can be researched and read about. I hoped I have peaked your curiosity to do some further research.

However, what I think is most important is how Fathers have been portrayed throughout history and how we tend to see fathers in a certain way as well. Up in the sky and sort of away, but there when you need them and called upon. They laugh at silly Father’s Day gifts.  They can be a presence that works in the background not in the foreground, but still be a significant figure in our lives.