The Results of Change

discover_rhospiritualguideI talked about change a couple of weeks ago. I would now like to now discuss the results that come after change.

As an example, when I was working out of the Breakthrough Centre and the business sold, I found myself at a crossroads.

It occurred to me, why not move to another location? Change does come for a reason. The spirit sometimes presents us with choices and other roads to be taken.

July 18 was my first day at EarthWorks. Was I anxious? I guess one can say a wee tad. I wasn’t super nervous, because I would be conducting readings which is something that naturally I am familiar with, but I was a little anxious due to the change of new people and new methods I would be working with.

What were the results?

Interestingly, I found the store exciting with their wide variety of products from jewelery to crystals to t-shirts and purses. A steady stream of clients came in and I felt encouraged to walk around and meet some of the clientele. All wonderful and searching people.

The store is also very unique because it carries some very different items. I was quite fascinated with the tibetan bells. When I arrived home that night, I conducted some research about the bells and found out that one should buy the bell with a dorje. I also found that the meaning of these instruments is to lead us towards Truth.

The bells and dorje were some of my most unexpected results. From change came new information, new learning, an opening or enlightenment of a subject I never even thought of looking into until I was closely exposed.

How many times has this happened to any of you?

Another result of my chance was that I got to talk to some really great people who I might not have met otherwise. I spent most of the day with the family who are part owners and also work in the store. The mother does readings 2 evenings a week and works on Saturdays when there are no other readers available. The dad, George, can be found at the counter helping customers out and chatting cheerfully about many topics.

So at the end, what were my results? A pleasant and informative day. Change? Yes! Miss the familiar? Certainly. However, the door to a new adventure had arrived! Seize the day! Carpe diem! I loved learning new things and expanding my knowledge.

Knowledge is power but I also think there is beauty in knowledge because it connects you to more things in this world and to more people.