When the Spirit Meets Obstacles

rhospiritualguide_pathThe topic that I would like to discuss for this blog entry is persevering through a challenge with surprising results.

I will actually use a situation in my life. It all began with a daunting task (well, I felt it was daunting). I had to find a recipe.

Oh come on, you say, a search for a recipe? Well, it was a recipe for my son. I decided to cook a meal that I knew he wouldn’t like. He is a teenager, so I’ve cooked many a meal geared towards children and I finally just wanted to cook a meal for me. So on to a pursuit for a new recipe for him and in some ways for me – I wanted to try something new.

I found an recipe that I thought sounded pretty good, crossed my fingers, prayed to the heavens and off I went.

Well, he loved it! My partner tried a wee taste of my son’s meal and he loved it! Pleased, I said I would cook it again one day.

After this my partner got to thinking, unbeknownst to me, and few days later he said “I am going to try that recipe with a different type of meat”. I thought, well all right. Literally a week later he attempted what he was thinking and it was just as delicious!

If you really analyze this story, it started with me feeling rather challenged. I wished I could have a meal I haven’t had in ages, but I didn’t want to cook two large meals so I set about looking for a simple but hopefully tasty recipe. I found it and it worked ,and on top of it, I was able to share it with someone who was able to add their creativity to it and off it went.

How many times does this happen in your life? Sit back and think. What started as being cumbersome, but ended by having a positive twist to it?

Spirit is always trying to inspire us!