In All Things, Give Thanks

imageIt is Canadian Thanksgiving this long weekend and I hope you all had a great weekend!

We went apple picking. I am definitely thankful that Ontario farming is still well and thriving. I actually wish there were more farms. The realization of our tradition really hit hard when I was finishing my purchases and the girl at the counter said, “Thank you for supporting locally”.

I was happy she said that, but at the same time it touched my heart. To give all our Ontario local farms support I say “It is in our backyard folks!” Please go and support during the fall until the Christmas season. And, of course, please continue to support locally in the new year when the produce starts coming back, strawberries, raspberries, etc. All the seasons farming is available in Ontario!

Thinking about what I experienced I thought what if our tradition of picking apples was gone? In the fall it’s all about apples and apple picking and of course about pumpkins! Pumpkins are picked and decorated for Halloween.

What if there were no farms to pick apples and no pumpkins to carve and eat the seeds from later? What if that was all gone? How sad would that be?

Just the thought of it.

Please thank, acknowledge and bless all the great experiences we have during this season.

And we should be thankful for more than just apples, pumpkins and a long weekend from work! Please reflect and make a list. Start the title of the list as: I AM THANKFUL FOR

Yes this is a good time to do this, but also I hope you make a list like this EVERY MONTH of every year! Yes every month. Why? Because we tend to forget what we are thankful for. We tend to be drawn as a people to things that are negative.

When we see what we could be thankful for every month our attitude will change and we will acknowledge the blessings received and given. This will in turn bring more positive action in our life.

Why? Because like attracts like. If we realize what we should be thankful for, we will bring in thankful actions and also items and people. Be thankful for many things in your life and one of the things I am thankful for is for those people that read this blog. I thank you all and if I had arms big enough, well I just want to say, HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

Namaste, my beautiful people. I write to help and I also write to reach. Peace out and I deeply thank you for reading this blog!