Finding Spirit on the Road

rhospiritualguide_journeyRecently my family and I were on vacation and we visited the beautiful cities of Montreal and old Quebec City.

A few interesting coincidences happened. I believe when this happens not only is it the affirmation of spirit communicating, but it also teaches me or moves me onto a new path. We visited Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. My senses kicked in when we moved to a certain area of the Cathedral. I felt dizzy and a bit nauseous. This is a strong sign of spirit energy in that area.

A chapel is in the church and I decided to step in to say some prayers. Two messages were in this chapel for me. The first message was when I noticed the number 108 was listed in the chapel above a door.

Just before heading on vacation I met with a new client that enlightened me about the number 108. This is a significant number in the Eastern religions. Seeing it there was a message to me to research and learn more about it. In fact, I will be writing a future blog or newsletter about this number.

The other significant message was regarding the statue of Saint Theresa of Lisieux. I have a very close affinity to St. Theresa. To see her statue there gave me incredible comfort and peace. A further meaning was that the prayers I had sent would be acknowledged and answered.

While in Quebec City we happened to take a Ghost Tour. I always get asked after I have taken a tour if I saw or felt anything. On this Ghost Tour I only felt something when we entered Trinity Church. I felt the lower part of my legs almost give way and I felt very shaky in there. It was said that no one is sure who really haunts the place, but the thought is that potentially one of two women do. I find Ghost Tours great as they provide a history of the area and old Quebec City has a lot of history.

We also had a spooky incident in our hotel room, (although with me that is par for the course). On the last night before we left, we were all asleep when the alarm clock in the room went off. It was midnight – I mean exactly 12:00 am. It was right by my bedside. I shot up to turn it off and everyone, eyes closed, were complaining, “turn it off, turn it off”. I finally did as I was a bit out of sorts.

The next morning I jokingly said, “What a fright last night. Weird how the alarm clock went off”. But no one seemed to remember. They had no idea what I was talking about!