How is your journey going?

simplify_rhospiritualguideAs we continue our journey through 2017 we should start to ask ourselves how are we journeying? Are we transitioning through our journey in a forward motion or are we just staying still?

Are we becoming mindful of self? Are we assessing ourselves and coming to some realization of outdated modes and methods we use? Do we need to embrace new ideas or ways?

It is said that the room we love best in our home is the room that represents our most inner self.

Figure out the room that represents you the best. Most people would say their bedroom. Analyze the room or better yet start a cleanse. Clean and clear any clutter or organize and remove any outdated items. Do you need newer furniture or do some items need fixing?

Cleaning, clearing and fixing items helps us to see what changes we have made and what changes we still have not made but need to. Outdated items of clothing or material or furniture that does not work anymore only clutter our thoughts or direction for journeying in life.

Begin the journey of self. If cleaning a room or closet seems overwhelming, then clear a shelf. Another exercise for decluttering is declutter your car or even your computer. Be creative and think of ways you can start and renew yourself.

Begin your journey to self!