The Power of Connection

lighttheworld_rhospiritualguideIn my previous blog post I described how I had accepted the first Munay-Ki Rite. It was enlightening and quite beautiful.

As I was “germinating the seeds” mediating over a candle, infusing the thoughts of my first rite, I felt the urge to complete the 2nd rite.

So, I made a date and off I went for my next passage.

It was another powerful enlightening experience. Connecting with spirit / Creator / God on so many different levels and in different ways.

I felt peaceful and powerful and deeply connected with Source. I felt that Source / God is many things and we could connect to Creator through many ways.

It was an enlightening and universal experience. While it was powerful, at the same time it was quite peaceful.

Another message I received was that lessons or situations that have come to us that are negative arrive to challenge us.

Do we abandon Creator or do we ask for guidance? Love is very important. Not only to love others, but to love ourselves. Our expressions, our feelings, our thoughts are released out into the Universe and to other people as well. Each of our essences connect when we meet each other and talk to each other – that is why it is important that we try to interact on a positive light.

Try to connect with Source/God/Creator/Light this month in some way you feel comfortable. Ask questions during your connection. See what answers you receive. We all have the ability to do this!