Why Do We Feel Deja-Vu?

IMG_9185Have you ever had the feeling of already having experienced a situation? Something feeling familiar. When déjà-vu does happen one could have felt, heard or have seen something familiar.

Some people believe that you are in union with the universe when this happens or that you are in union with your universal plan that was guided for you by spiritual guides, angels, ascended masters, etc.

It is also believed that one could be experiencing déjà-vu at a certain moment because you are repeating a past life moment or it is needed to help with the development of the soul. There is nothing really definite about why we experience déjà-vu.

It could be that the moment we are experiencing déjà-vu is because we are completing a necessary part of our spiritual journey.

There are many things that are still unanswered in this world and of course it seems that our souls know no boundaries. Spirit is always working with us and déjà-vu could be a part of it.

Science believes that déjà-vu is part of “episodic” memories in the brain. As we age déjà-vu is supposed to occur more frequently. Alzheimer patients are thought to experience déjà-vu.

Déjà-vu is difficult to understand and explain. It is a moment, I believe, when there is a connection with Creator and all things connected to Creator on this earth and from the other side. It is like feeling the essence of oneness.

If we are connected to spirit then we will experience spirit in many different forms even by experiences or feelings that feel eerily similar to the past.