How to Deal With Limiting Beliefs

belief_rhospiritualguideIn my newsletter this month I discussed limiting beliefs. I conducted readings recently and upon reflection of them, I realized how much each person was experiencing some sort of pain.

We all have experienced suffering of some sort. We all have experienced emotional pain or have felt physical pain. The emotional pain we feel, if examined, could be coming from a recent experience or from a past incident as far back as childhood.

People impose their fears and phobias on others. People also project their own feelings on others, making others believe that what is being projected is true about them. Think back to some limiting beliefs you might have. Do you doubt your ability to present in front of others? Do you simply doubt yourself? Do you admire others because you feel you can never be what others are? Do you dislike the way you look because you have always been compared and continue to compare yourself to others? Do you feel unloved or not able to be loved? These are but a few limiting beliefs.

Where do these beliefs stem from? Conducting an examination of your life will help with understanding. Start with a list of fears, doubts and wounds. Donít be critical with yourself. Be, instead, understanding with yourself. In conducting this exercise, you may discover that a lot of these limits come from the limits of others.

Then as you examine each item on your list think of how you can shift or change this limit to make it become unlimited or enable yourself to feel more empowered.

Working on yourself brings on enlightenment and enables to you to express the beauty within. It also helps you in understanding others.

The world is a place of love and understanding not a place of fear and doubt. Embrace the beauty of you and express that beauty! The world needs it!