Finding Portals Around Us

portals_rhospiritualguidePortals are doorways from the physical world that allow access to and from the spirit world. Most times we don’t even know that they are open around us. The recipe, if you will, needs to be right.

Technically a portal is a space that has 4 dimensional vibrational frequency. It is located in a region where a 3 dimensional physical plane and a 4 dimensional etheric plane merge with the help of an energy vortex. This energy vortex then can help sustain it.

Portals have also been associated with ley lines. These naturally created portals exist in Sedona, Arizona, the Pyramids in Egypt and Machu Picchu, Peru just to name a few.

Ley lines are all over the world. They can be compared to the meridian lines in acupuncture for the human body. It is said that altars used to be built on ley lines. Portals are strongest where ley lines intersect.

People can also open portals. When humans open portals the entry points could be mirrors, doorways and windows. To clarify, Ouja boards, pendulums or tarots are considered communication devices but not portals. When you are using communication devices you are communicating with a spirit and it can be any kind of spirit you are communicating with. Good or evil. When we do use these methods, we are creating a link or channel so the spirit can energetically travel and stay linked with us. So it is similar to a portal, but not the same. If you do not close or seal the channel to the spirit world it can remain open and the spirit and others could move through it.

In the next blog, I will write about how to prepare your space for channelling and how to seal or close portals or channels.

It’s a fascinating world!