Overcoming Chaos Through Connection With Spirit

connect_rhospiritualguideI must say that of late I have been experiencing many changes and hearing news that has been a bit of a shock or coming out of left field.

While enduring all of my present experiences, I am trying to embrace them calmly and work through each shift with the push to understand. I am speaking to Creator and spirits and guides much more – not in desperation but requesting that help be provided to understand “why” or “what” the experiences are about. And in doing so I am feeling a huge amount of peace within.

We can create our own chaos. Instead of rushing to a conclusion or over-reacting, it is best to wait and shift the energy in order understand what is occurring and why. Also note what are you feeling and why. Thrusting ourselves into a situation by throwing caution to the wind is not always a good way to proceed.

A relationship with the spiritual world is helpful and can be quite enlightening when we need guidance or have the need to feel support. This is especially true in times where there is confusion or loneliness.

I have different ways of talking to spirit. One of my methods is to simply relax, light incense and a candle and just relax and feel the soft gentle presence. If something like a message comes forward then I write it down and go back to where I was, just feeling that soft comfort within and around. Another method is, I set a date and specifically one-hour time to communicate with spirit. I set my space, I do say specific prayers that are personal to me and I simply relax after saying each prayer and just feel within and around. I also find it quite enjoyable and peaceful to go for a walk and find a bench or place to sit in nature and breathe deep and connect with spirit that way.

Feeling connected helps keep one peaceful and content. Think of some ways you can connect. The possibilities are endless!