How to React to Change

change_rhospiritualguideIn my newsletter I mentioned how May has been quite the month and it really has been so far.

A relative of mine suddenly passed away a few days ago. It had been a while since I had seen this person and some of the other relatives connected to him. I felt a strong need to attend the viewing and when I did it was wonderful and beautiful to meet with everyone again.

It was the passing that brought all of us together. Some can say this was a sad circumstance. That it takes a funeral to bring others together. However, I don’t really see it that way. Change of life events or disruptions are triggers. Sometimes it can be a funeral or even a wedding. First a change happens in our life and then we establish a routine until another change happens in our life.

That’s what had happened here. We communicated with each other on occasion, but we were too caught up in our lives to even think that we really needed to connect deeper and visit each other. We were managing all on our own. The passing of this relative brought us together to help us understand that we needed to be with each other not just communicate and catch up on occasion.

We still could have chosen to have kept the status quo and remain apart, but instead we chose to connect deeper once again. Sometimes it does take a catalyst to create change.

Change can bring you closer or it can tear you apart. Isn’t it best to be closer? Reflect on dramatic events that have caused you great change. How could you have reacted differently? What could have been a better approach? Who or what was the trigger? Where could you make changes now to the situation?

When reflecting on the situation ask for guidance and direction. Know that your guides and angels are always willing to help. We are not alone the spiritual world is but a veil apart.

Peace to all