How to Attract Opportunity

universe_rhospiritualguideI recently had a fascinating evening that showed me something interesting about learning to rise above.

I am not one to watch much television, but one night I had a bit of down time and I decided to watch a show I haven’t seen for a while: Family Feud.

One family was winning by a landslide. The other family had 0.

Time starting running out so they had to do a Sudden Death Challenge. Only one question. Only one answer needed.

Both family members went up to the challenge to answer the question. Who was going to win? As so it happens it was the family that was struggling.

One just never knows. You can’t give up. In the end that family ended up winning $20,000!

Everyday life demonstrates not to give up. Just when you think that life has you down, there is a turn, a chance, an opportunity. And what you had always hoped for, it actually happens. But YOU have to allow that chance.

Do not approach with fear. Approach with curiosity, wonder and hope.

It is easier to give up. It is easier to give in and think that we just can’t do it. However, perseverance and belief in yourself is the way to flow. It can be difficult, but if you just give it a try, all things are possible.

The simple thing to do is to believe. Just believe you have a right and a chance to an opportunity. Even if it doesn’t happen then it is not your time at that moment.

Opportunity belongs to all of us and we all have a connection to it – we are all one with the Universe. To believe in yourself is to give yourself the opportunity.