The Power of Dreams

dreams_rhospiritualguideIt has been a couple of months since my last blog. Summer can be such a beautiful but busy time.

Over the summer, one of the things I did was take a course. I was drawn to think of dreams. In the past I have recorded dreams in a journal and looked up symbols in a dictionary and on the internet, but I was curious to interpret my dreams deeper and obtain their further meaning.

In searching, I found a course that resonated with me and so I applied. What amazing learning! I have understood my dreams better and am not frightened of them anymore. I have obtained a clearer understanding of the dreams I have and their meaning.

An interesting exercise I was taught was to place a note under my pillow and request what I needed clarification on. It does work. It might not happen on the first dream, but it does happen. Also you will need to interpret the dream and analyse it, but once you begin the exercise you would be surprised at the deep connection and how helpful our dreams can be.

I am glad I decided to try something new out. I was a bit hesitant as it was summer and I was not sure how much I would be interested in completing the course. However, each week led to a higher learning and amazing experiences.

I strongly suggest purchasing a blank journal and to start to record your dreams. Date them. Create a title for each dream. Start a symbol dictionary. My symbol dictionary would differ from yours because we all have different experiences and thoughts as to what a symbol can mean. My symbols will mean something different to me and would totally differ for you.

We underestimate our dreams and our connection to a higher source, each other and ourselves. I have experienced more of the “Oneness” people discuss since studying my dreams. Be good to yourself and journal your dreams. We dream because higher source wishes to help and guide.

Give your dreams a chance!

Happy dreaming!