What Does It All Mean?

perspective_rhospiritualguideGiven what has been going on I cannot but help and wonder “what is this all about”?

Since I have been studying world religions, I felt compelled to reach for the Bible. I fell upon the passage in Genesis which tells the story of Joseph – some of you may know of it as the musical theatrical comedy “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.

The twists and turns in the story about Joseph’s misfortunes turned out to be surprisingly relevant to our current situation.

The story of Joseph goes like this: Joseph was one of 12 brothers and he was favoured by his father because he was one of the youngest. His older brothers were jealous of Joseph because of this and had the intention to kill him.

Joseph’s eldest brother Reuben convinces his brothers to spare Joseph and throw him in a cistern instead of killing him. They then decided to sell him as a slave to merchants who were heading to Egypt.

Joseph ends up working for Potiphar and Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce Joseph, but he refuses. She is upset so she accuses him of rape and he is imprisoned. In prison Joseph meets the Pharaoh’s chief cup-bearer and chief baker, both imprisoned as well. They tell Joseph their dreams and Joseph interprets their dreams accurately.

He tells the cup-bearer to mention his ability to interpret dreams to the Pharaoh when he has an opportunity. It is not until 2 years later that this happens. Joseph is called up from prison to interpret the Pharaoh’s dream. The dream was about the nation having 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine. Joseph suggested they store grains in order that they prepare for the 7 years of famine. The dream was accurate and Pharaoh makes Joseph his right-hand man. He becomes very powerful.

His brothers head to Egypt to obtain some grain during the second year of the famine and Joseph recognizes them, but they do not recognize Joseph. He eventually convinces them to return with their father and brother Benjamin. When the brothers come back with their father and brother Benjamin, Joseph tells them all who he is.

The brothers throw themselves down the ground and beg for forgiveness. However, Joseph indicates that he realizes all that transpired had to happen for him to help the nation with the famine. He realized that all was about the bigger picture. A bigger picture that was not known until then.

Just like Joseph, we will eventually understand what this strange situation occurring in world at this time is all about.

Remain hopeful. This too shall pass.