Overcoming Fear

The last few weeks have brought forward an issue that has existed in the world for a very long time.  It is my hope that finally changes will manifest. But with change often comes a sense of fear.

Fear is a powerful emotion.  It is also a natural and primitive emotion.  Living under constant fear can cause serious health effects.

Life-long fears can create self-doubt, self-pity and a lack of self-worth.  We do need to face what we fear and understand why we feel fear.  It can be quite frightening to actually face our fears head on, but if we approach it from a place of love and understanding we can overcome our fears.

One simple way to face your fear is to sit with it for 2 or 3 minutes.  Put a timer on and start with 2 minutes only and bring up what your fear.  Breathe.  Slow and methodical and know you are in control of this fear and that you are in a safe space.  Once the time is up let it go.

Make a list of all the things you grateful for.  Keep the list and reference it when you feel the emotion of fear is creeping up again.  It will provide comfort and understanding that the feeling of fear you are experiencing is but a small portion of you and your life.

Write a letter to fear and write a letter to courage.  To fear explain how you do not want it to be a part of your life and why and how you will let it go.  In the letter to courage you should write why you love the feeling of courage, how it is a part of you, how grateful you are it is a part of you and why you embrace it.

Exercise is another great way of letting out fear.  A brisk walk or yoga flow and sometimes going to a gym where there is boxing equipment can be a great outlet.

We do not have to be gripped with fear and we can let our fears go.  You will feel better about yourself and healthier.  You will also experience more loving relationships.

We are all prized gems and we should shine like we are.  Fear can cloud and even dull our shine.  I need a promise from everyone that is reading this blog that you will look at yourself in the mirror say “I am a gem!” and then hug yourself and smile.