The Best Way to Deal with Uncertainty

I hope everyone is doing well in these unprecedented times.  A good way to channel your energy when faced with uncertainty or resistance is to embark on a new project.

I am always searching for something to learn as I always think there is room to improve myself in some way.  Someone suggested a great book about creativity called the The Artist’s Way written by Julia Cameron. In fact, this book has been around for 25 years and fortunately I was able to stumble upon a copy.

The book is designed as a twelve-week program. Each week you confront something of yourself.  There are exercises at the end of each chapter.  These exercises help you develop and change the way you look at areas of your life and yourself.

One exercise you should do every day is what Julia calls “morning pages”.  What are “morning pages”?  Each morning you are to dump your thoughts onto 3 pages. I must admit I have not written 3 pages every morning (sometimes I write only one morning page or only half a page) but I what I have noticed is that if I have skipped one day I feel frazzled and out of sorts. So there is something definitely soothing and centering about the morning pages dump.

I am at this moment about half-way through the book and the intention is to finish it.  We are all creative and I am not saying that we are all artists, but we are creative in our own way in our life.  Some questions to ask yourself are how do you think you are creative?  If you were creatively artistically which type of artist would you like to be?  Would you like to be a painter, writer, musician, sculptor?  If you imagine yourself as a sculptor what would you sculpt?  What types of tools would you use? Why not go out and buy some small version of the artist equipment you are desiring and give it a try?

I do recommend this book to anyone who is seeking change or is feeling stuck right now.  The book provides encouragement for change and allows you to realize things about yourself.

If you have opportunity purchase the book and see where you go with it!  Forge a new way and a new path!