How to Use Reflective Meditation

In my newsletter for the month of April I mentioned reflective meditation.  This type of meditation is a contemplative practice.  It can be used to help clarify or it can be used to help to connect to your Higher Self or to Creator.  It also can bring about realization and inspiration.  It is not the same as mindfulness meditation.

In using reflective meditation, we can also assist in shaping our future.  We are co-creators after all.  Reflective meditation can help us to ensure that we make decisions that work along with our purpose.  When we reflect, we engage ourselves to the realization of the use of the words and actions that we express throughout our day.  This will assist us to be more positive in our expressions. 

Reflective meditation also helps us to recognize when we are not using our true talents.  Do you ever feel out of sorts?  Perhaps it could be because you are trying to be more like someone else and not your true self.  Have you ever looked at others and wished you could have what others have or be like someone?  If you act upon this desire you could be throwing your true self off course. Reflective meditation can help with clarifying if we have veered off course.

How do we conduct reflective meditation?  First find a quiet place. I always recommend sitting up as opposed to lying down while we are practicing any type of meditation because we can become so relaxed that we end up possibly falling asleep.  Listen and feel your breath.  Whatever the pattern of breathing you have.  Do not try to change it.  Just breathe as you wish.  Begin to relax.  Tighten your feet and leg muscles and then relax them.  Work your way up the body in this fashion.  Relax your entire body and begin to feel a deep heaviness. 

Then imagine you are seeing yourself in front of you.  What do you see surrounding this person? What are the blocks?  Lack of forgiveness, doubt, etc.  Allow the surroundings to disappear.  Look at yourself again in the same room, but the room this time is empty and say to yourself:  I would like to be my authentic self.  Or you could just say the word “authentic”.  What were or are you dreams and desires?  Take your time with this. Imagine those dreams or desires have actually happened to the person in your meditation.  Then imagine stepping into the person you see in the meditation.  The authentic YOU.  The real YOU.  How do you feel?  Take your time feeling and experiencing this.

When you feel ready to come out of your meditation, begin to move your hands and feet and reflect as you come back as to what you felt and understood.  Then live the rest of the day as your authentic self!  If you are new to meditation I would recommend conducting this practice for about 10 minutes.  Then build up to an extended time.  Make notes after meditating.  Something could have arisen that provides further clarification or understanding. 

Be you!  Love you!

Stay safe and blessings to everyone!