Near Death Experiences and The Meaning of Life

In my October newsletter I discuss gratitude and NDE (“Near Death Experiences”). There are many books on the subject and I began my journey in understanding the spiritual world by reading books on NDE.

I found them fascinating and comforting. They provided affirmation that there was a spiritual world. We do move on to journey in the spiritual realm. There is no “nothingness”.

On YouTube there are many individuals discussing their experience. Anthony Chene in particular produces a great series of NDE videos. The individuals he has interviewed have written books, created music and have even painted their visual experience of the spiritual world. Anthony has a website, but all his videos have also been uploaded onto YouTube and I recommend viewing them.

The individuals discuss their experiences and it is interesting to note that the individuals do discuss having similar experiences. For example, seeing relatives who have passed and talking to them with telepathy, meeting angels, feeling a deep sense of peace and love and when returning back to their bodies they not only felt the pain again of their injury, but also experienced the loudness of this world. The sense of hearing and seeing was almost painful.

Our world is 3D. The other side is much more magnified but it is not overwhelming – it is comforting. Jumping back into the body was overwhelming. They also experienced a sense of being “home” on the other side.

It seems that we are here to help others in whatever way is bested suited to us. Whether it is cooking, painting, writing, etc. We are being guided and all we have to do is ask for help. We are also deeply loved. All of us. Instead of spending time judging we should spend time expressing our love for one another. Operate with a heart of love. Give yourself time to understand and think: Where is this person coming from? What is really going on here?

Taking the time to do this not only helps you understand the other person, but yourself as well. If NDE teaches anything it is that we should not fear death and as such not fear life. Take chances in life especially if you are operating from good intentions then take a chance. Try something positive and new. Enhance your soul!