Exploring Self Awareness

Happy New Year!  

I spoke a little bit about awareness in my newsletter and thought I would expand on the subject in my blog.

I have been practicing yin yoga lately and I find this type of yoga needs awareness or at least it makes me more aware.  Each move starts with slowly moving into the guided position and ensuring that the body is lined up as instructed.  Then the next step is to spend the time adjusting into the position and breathing. 

Once you feel you have the right position, then you remain in that position for approximately three to five minutes and just let go.  I do find this type of yoga very meditative, but it also encourages a deep awareness of the body.  How do you feel as you place yourself in the position?  It should not be painful, but you do want to stretch and breathe in a way that feels that you are breathing into the position.

When emerging from the position it needs to be done carefully as well.  Yin yoga does have a gentle deep flow to it.  I find that I do go deep within.  It is a great type of yoga that seems to use mind, body and soul quite effectively, but it is also up to the effort being expressed.

Awareness can also be increased through meditation.  However, in practicing awareness in everyday tasks it can be just as effective.  I am also practicing awareness in listening.  In deepening one’s listening of others and observing the person as they speak one can notice subtle nuances of what is being said.  You can deepen the understanding of what the person is really wanting to say and they may be cautiously holding back for several reasons, possibly because of feeling insecure or even for fear.

I have found by practicing a deeper form of listening, awareness is increasing and it goes hand-in-hand with compassion.  Compassion and awareness is not only occurring in the exchange with others, but also with myself.  I am becoming aware of when I am not being kind to myself and as discussed in my newsletter, the soul requests three things:  to be protected, to be honored and to be listened to. 

Align thyself with thine soul!