Connecting With Other Souls

I recently had a dream wherein a person in the dream said to me “It is good to attend another’s baptismal ceremony and other ceremonies because not only are you sharing in their experience, but you can also share your experiences with them.” 

The message of this dream to me was about community.  We are a collective.  We share experiences and it is best shared when we are together to help and guide each other through with compassion and love.

After I had this dream, I began to reflect on life and experiences and I remembered an experience I had where I had a deep realization of oneness. 

I used to work evenings, 5pm-12pm in Toronto.  I was heading home in my car and I was stopped at a light.  A person appeared with a squeegee wanting to clean my window.  I moved my head back and forth in a “no, no” motion and the person began to hit my windshield with the squeegee.  I was quite frightened as I was 8 months pregnant.  The light changed, the person left and I sped off.

Shortly after that incident I went on maternity leave.  During that time, I kept thinking of the incident and wondering what should I do if I was confronted by the same situation when I headed back to work.  I decided to arm myself with granola bars and apples.  I would offer them up instead of money. 

I headed back to work and one night as I sat at a light waiting for it to green a man approached my car. He was asking for money.  I rolled the window down slightly and offered him a granola bar and apples.  He said “bless you”.  The light turned green, he left and I began my journey home while crying at the same time.  All that tension and fear I had melted away.  He said “Bless you”, something I should have said to him!

I was elated that he blessed me.  I felt oneness.  I was him and he was me.  He was looking for food and I was looking for a blessing.  We were strangers to each other, but we were both seeking something and there was a sincere and compassionate exchange.

When have you felt oneness in the company of a stranger?