Writing Your Own Story

We have all experienced struggles in our journey.  I have, as of yet, not met one person where they have not struggled or still continue to have a hill or mountain to climb before them.

The important thing is to realize how you are climbing that mountain or hill?  Are you dragging a whole bunch of equipment with you? Have you decided to go around the mountain?  These reflections can provide incredible insight into our journey and perhaps how we might need to revise our approach.

We should also take note of our joys and triumphs.  Life is not all about struggle, it can be full of wonder and hope.  During our struggles do we have support?  If not actual support from others, know that there is also spiritual support available.  During the times when I began my journey to step into the medium / intuitive skin that I now embrace, there were times when all I felt was spiritual support.  Spiritual support encouraged me to stay on track.  There were times when I wanted to stop being a medium / intuitive, but it was my spiritual support that guided me to not stop what I was doing.

I encourage you at this time to write your story.  What would your story read like?  Buy a blank journal and begin to think of your journey thus far?  What would its beginning, middle and end read like?

Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? Or how do you see your journey or story developing over time?  Will you be helping others? Or will you be creating something?  The possibilities are endless. 

After all we are the ones that action our life.  How have you “actioned” or what will you be “actioning” in the next coming months of your journey?