Handling Dark Energy

Just a little chat about energy.  Particularly about why people could possibly be experiencing negative energies in the home.

One of my first questions always is: has anyone done Ouja in the house or during their lifetime or has been present in a session not necessarily in the home, but other homes? At first there is a denial and then finally a slow admittance by some member of the family.  This can open portals and create attachments.

If you dabble in the occult and do not protect yourself prior to creating a session and ending a session, this can open portals and create attachments.

If there are a lot of arguments in the home.  Tensions.  Abuses, etc this is an invitation to dark entities.  A lack of spirituality, belief in God or Creator can create tensions and offer invitations to the darker energies.  Dark energies seek negativity, and they also seek spiritual weakness.  The more we swear and curse and use foul language it may come across as being powerful and tough, but as we really know this a facade of the deep fear and weakness felt within.  Also, denial is a big one.  That is an open forum for darkness to enter.  “It doesn’t exist” gives it the power to exist through denial.

People always sought me when there was a problem in the home, however they did not want to admit that there were problems in their lives.  It is easier to deflect and say someone else is creating it or a spell has been put on them.  This may be so, but also something for you to think of is how is this allowed to be happening to you and your home?  We are the source of our residence.  It is good to be honest with yourself and reflect on things in your life.  There is a lot to deal with in clearing a home.  I would suggest doing a bit of self-analysis.

There are some great books out there that offer suggestions on how to spiritually cleanse a home.

You can clear your own home on your own.  If you do not want to, I would suggest finding a pastor or priest willing to come bless the home.  As well, to stop the energy from returning to you, you will have to make a change in your lives, such as attitudes, habits and embracing a deeper connection to the Divine.