Are you an Empath?

empath_rhospiritualguideTapping into the energies and emotions of others can be a very powerful experience.

Two aspects of this that are often confused are feeling empathy vs being a psychic empath.

Empathy is being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Why is this important? When we try to see how someone felt or what they were going through, we can understand the person better and clarify their behaviour towards us. This emotion can help with healing.

Take, for example, a bully from your childhood for whom you still hold a grudge. Over the years, you found out that when they were bullying you their family had problems. It is not an excuse, but it most likely was part of what lead to their behaviour. Again, this is not an excuse, but understanding this and putting yourself in their shoes would lead to an enlightened understanding of the situation and behaviour that you were subjected to. This will inevitably lead to healing for you. You can let go of the grudge and release the bond that ties both of you together. If you were the bully, do the same and understand how this affected the other person. This will not only lead to healing from the distress and agony you caused for the other person, but also to forgiving yourself and letting go the shame you hold.

On the other hand, being an empath is actually having the psychic ability to sense the emotions and feelings of another.

It is said there are 2 types of empaths: Emotional and Cognitive. An emotional empath basically feels others emotions ,even emotions that the person does not feel or had deeply buried within. A cognitive empath places themselves imaginatively in another’s shoes to understand better.

Some signs that indicate you may be an empath are:

Do you spook easily?
Do you withdraw and feel you need a break from people or need a nap?
Are you sensitive to pain, like needles or injuries?
Do you feel very slight emotional changes in people?
Are you sensitive to sounds, like water tapping or smells even?
Do you feel strong emotions at times?
Do you dislike any kind of confrontation?
Do you avoid intense situations?

This is a very small list, but if you did answer yes to some of these questions do the research, find out if you are an empath. I’m sure this will help clarify some questions or situations you have encountered that you could not explain to yourself.