How Healing Works

time_rhospiritualguideI was out for a walk on Thanksgiving weekend.

I asked Spirit to give me guidance on what to blog about. The message I received was the following: explain about timelines of healing.

So, as Spirit has suggested, I will explain about timelines for healing. Healing takes time.

Healing is like weight gain I would say. If you have gained 40 pounds over 30 years, we all know you cannot lose the 40 pounds in a month, nor would it be healthy. If you gained 40 pounds over 30 years what you have to start to do is look at what habits got you there and what you need to change. You have to encourage yourself daily, because we all know that what leads us to the weight gain is most likely indulgence!

Healing takes time. We have to be kind to ourselves. We can blame others, but we also have to look at ourselves and notice how we reacted in the past and how we behaved in the past. Healing only can occur if you want it to occur. When triggers happen, we have to be aware of them and we have to deal with those triggers.

Some triggers are anger, fear, doubt, shame or loss. An examination of the feeling or emotion is important. Is the fear coming from the doubt that someone is expressing? Are you accepting their fear? Are you indulging in their fear? Is this person’s fear a reminder of some of your fears?

I cannot express enough to note your feelings. If you notice a negative emotion, don’t act on it, try to understand it. Healing begins when there is awareness. Awareness leads to analyzing and understanding. Understanding leads to knowledge, wisdom and acceptance. Acceptance is something that can lead to healing.

Forgiveness is a powerful healer as well. Forgiveness of self and others leads to freedom, understanding, spiritual beauty and love.

Begin the process to heal and change yourself!