How the Universe Grants Wishes

wishes_rhospiritualguideSalutations all!

What month August will be! Full moon in Aquarius and a Lunar Eclipse. August 21 will be New Moon and Solar Eclipse. This is a very powerful astrological time.

Think of your wishes, manifestations and hopes. Create a little ceremony and perform it on those special days. We can ask universe, God or Creator or whatever Spirit you wish to ask for something you feel you lack or need. It is always important to be really aware how you ask.

Asking for abundance and prosperity includes much more than just money. Please know that the universe operates for the greater good of all. So, for example, if you wanted to work at a specific company and have a specific job, many factors are involved in your request. It is not just about what you want, it is about all of us and how it affects those connected. Going back to the job request, the job must become available. How could this happen?

A new position could be created, someone could be promoted, someone could decide to leave, someone could retire, etc. These are all good ways of obtaining the job you want. If, however, the job is obtained rather unnaturally, you may get the job you want, but, what will happen in the near future? Will you find the job to be eventually not a fulfilling one, will you have troubles with co-workers or your direct boss, will you feel or sense that people are against you or that you in fact do not belong? This is merely an example.

If we ask with honesty, purity and sincerity, it may take time to obtain this position; however, in the end to allow the proper path to unfold it will be obtained with truth and that will create blessings beyond our understanding.

Always ask with love and truth and do not use greed, demand or expectation. Spirit will grant what you need and want and will do so with love, truth and balance.

Have a great month and move in life knowing we are all one!