How to make a change in your life using awareness

aware_rhospiritualguideIn my newsletter I write about becoming aware this month of April.

After all, April is considered the month of awareness.

Become aware of where you want change in your life right now. Is it your job, a relationship or just something you want to shift in your life? For example, maybe you want to become more healthy.

Ask yourself why you want that change? What is it that you are not happy about where you feel you need the change? How will you create that change?

You need to be totally aware of why. Don’t be hard on yourself when you start digging deeper into yourself about why you feel you are in the situation you are in. No one forced you there. How did you end up there?

You also have to be patient with yourself. You can’t expect the change to happen overnight. If you want to make a positive growth change you need to understand that it takes patience and perseverance. Change is best made with awareness and acknowledgement.

If you look for another job but just want to get away or run away as fast as you can, most likely you will be stepping into the same situation or worse. You are just moving in a circle. If, however, you look at the problem head on, then you are beginning to make an effective change in your life.

Go within and understand why the situation is the way it is. How did it come about? What were some of the things you did or said to create this situation?

Writing in a journal is great way of obtaining the big picture. You can go back to your notes to understand and provide yourself direction.

Connect with Divine/Source and ask for clarity and guidance. You are not alone in this change process. Spirit always wants to help you, you just have to want to change purposefully and accept help from higher power.

Become aware where you wish to create change and why. Look in with love and understanding. Write a plan and journal your thoughts. Ask for guidance, direction and feel guided and loved.

Make April a month of awareness and initiation. You are the one that can create change in your life. No one knows you like yourself!

Love yourself and be one with Creator.