Learning to Heal Yourself

healing_rhospiritualguide January is a month of quietness and stillness. It is a month of reflection. In the stillness of this month of January my thoughts turned to many things. One of the strongest thoughts it has turned to is healing.

Healing is good and I think necessary – it rids oneself of baggage, heaviness or just plain gunk! There are many ways to heal. Two methods that I enjoy that are very simple are the cutting of the chords method and throwing away the big cannon ball within.

The method in cutting chords is to sit and imagine yourself in front of a campfire. I light a candle and place it in front of me to help with this. Then I call upon the person I feel may have negative thoughts against me or has caused me pain or upset. I ask the person to show me the chords. The chords can look like ropes or pliable chords or they could look more like a tree trunk. If it is a tree trunk use an imaginary saw to cut the massive chord away and throw it into the fire. If they are just like ropes or chords, I grab them with my hands, pull them and throw them into the imaginary fire before me. The chords can be attached at the chakra points or even your limbs, etc. Just be calm, remove them and throw them away. Feel the peace and calmness after this. Thank the person and send them away. Be still for a bit feeling and understanding.

The second method is the cannon ball. I face in the direction where I know some form of body of water is. I’m not there at the water, but I stand in the direction of a lake, etc. in my own home. I then imagine a cannon ball in my stomach and I reach in and grab a hold of the cannon ball and pull it out, lift my arms up while holding the cannon ball and toss it into the direction of the body of water. All the while imagining that it is flying into the air and “plop” it lands into the water and sinks to the bottom to dissolve. I then place my hands where I removed it and think about things that make me happy to fill in the emptiness that now exists.

Give these methods a try! Healing is a wonderful feeling.

Start the healing process.

In peace