Navigating Through Chaos

navigate_rhospiritualguideIt has been a bit of an intense couple of months. 2019 is said to be a year of chaos, endings and transformation.

Just reading the news of late we can definitely see this is occurring. How is your life? Is your life transforming? Are there endings and shifts occurring? Does it feel a bit chaotic of late?

When this does happen, we tend to wonder “why” a lot.

Writing things down like your thoughts, feelings, ideas etc. and making notes can be quite helpful through this process. It can be helpful to look back to see the direction you have been travelling or even to help jog your memory.

Writing or journaling can also be very freeing. When we write, we release, we perform a rhythm. Don’t put limitations on your writing. Write what you want. Write what you feel. Writing can be a cathartic release if we allow it to happen. It helps us to see things in better perspective after reviewing what we have written. Do not review it right away – wait until a few days have passed and then go back to your notes. Think about what you wrote without judgment. Do you agree with what you wrote? Are you now approaching what you wrote differently? Be one with yourself and your thoughts.

Our thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are what can change our mood. We need to challenge our thoughts. Writing them down is helpful because now they are on paper and we can actually look at them. We can’t avoid them. We have physically expressed them.

We should challenge our negative thoughts when they first begin to creep up into our heads. Being aware of our triggers is also key to helping notice our negativity. Questioning yourself like what is going on? Am I feeling fearful? Am I feeling anxious? Or simply, why am I feeling this? We need to ask if we are thinking destructively or constructively.

We need to dig into our subconscious and figure out what we have allowed to be buried there that can be destructive and usurp our happiness or not allow us to look at things positively. Dig deep down, but do it without judgment. Do it instead with the attempt of truly being understanding to yourself because you owe it to yourself to heal and be free of thoughts that no longer serve their purpose.

Jump off the diving board! Delve inside yourself with love! Be good and true to yourself!