The Mother Relationship

mother_rhospiritualguideAt this time of year, it is natural that we reflect on our relationship with our mothers. They are our first teachers, loves and friends. Mothers are the first to show us how to eat, dress, they helped us to learn how to walk, run, read and recognize colours.

We run to our mothers when we need hugs or someone to listen to us. They protect us and encourage us. They influence us and love us unconditionally. Our mothers are our foundation and our rocks.

For some of us, all of the above is not what our mothers are. There is someone else who is a replacement to our natural mother and that’s fine. You still have a “mother” relationship with someone.

If we don’t have a “mother” relationship and actually feel disconnected to our mothers, perhaps a simple brief examination of self and your relationship with your mother would be helpful.

Not all mothers are warm and fuzzy, but perhaps you have learned to because you never received a lot of hugs. Notice the changes you have made in your life if there was lack from the mother you lacked and recognize that that was helpful as well.

If our mother is no longer with us then meditate or simply sit still and think of your mother. Find a picture and put it near you. Relax and think happy thoughts of your mother and ask her to come and surround you and ask her to hug you. You can also ask “mom” to visit in your dreams.

If you are in a great relationship with your mom or someone who is considered a “mom”, give her a hug today and thank her. If you don’t have a great relationship with mom then recognize who you have become due to the lack in your life. You should acknowledge that about yourself and help others if they are in the same situation.

Finally, for those mothers that are no longer on this earth and have moved to another plane acknowledge them by lighting a candle and saying thank you!

Hugs to all of you reading this!