clearing_rhospiritualguideWhat is a clearing or cleansing?  Basically it is a process used to get rid of negative spirits or energy, or simply residual energy, in a home or business.

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Residual Energy

Residual energy is a scene or feelings that have existed over a period time due to negative  longings.  These feelings are so powerful that they keep being played over and over again.

A friend of mine passed away several years ago and when I had entered his home I could still see him in the last few minutes of his life.  The scene kept playing over and over again.  He passed away without his partner by his side.  His thoughts were focused on that before he left and that energy of feeling was still playing over and over.  Unresolved feelings.  Fears before departure on this earth can stay and replay itself.  We walk through those feelings and emotions unless we clear them up.

I use sage and contact the spirit at the area to indicate all is well and that things are in fact peaceful.  This is usually enough to clear the residual energy and clear the space.

Clearing Negative Spirits and Energy

Clearing out entities or old spirits requires a lot more energy and work.

Spirits that have remained earthbound should be sent to the light and if they are able to return afterwards then they will. Because they should not be “stuck” here they are often confused and may be angry and frustrated due to their lack of understanding about what has happened.

Again I use sage and begin to bring in the light.  I do try to understand why they are here.  Most times they are still here because they have not been able to let go of their connection to this earth, due to a violent or sudden death.  A loss they suffered while on this earth.  Fear of moving on. Knowing their name is not important to me.  What is important, is that they follow the path to where they should go.  I help them to see the light and that they should not fear it.

I use sage, sometimes salt, prayers and a candle.