Spiritual Mentoring

I pleased to be able to offer Spiritual Mentoring. 

I obtained my certificate in Spiritual Mentoring through Atlantic University located in Virginia Beach and continued my studies through Ontario Jubilee which offers a practicum as well as a study approach. 

What is Spiritual Mentoring? Also known as Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Companioning, Spiritual Mentoring is the practice of holding a sacred space for someone while listening deeply to how the Divine (Creator, Source etc.) is moving within. 

The mentee does not need to be connected to a specific religious community even though spiritual mentoring can at times be connected to a religious institution.

This practice assists when someone is seeking a deeper understanding of self or is experiencing a life transition, perhaps needing to make a difficult decision.  To have a spiritual mentor walk with you and guide you while holding sacred space can provide deeper understanding and awareness of what is needed and feeling Divine move within.

The experience is safe, confidential and gentle.  Through this experience the mentor and mentee walk alongside each other while seeking the Sacred.

Please note that, Spiritual Mentoring does not include any mediumship or intuitive work.  It is a completely different modality of moving and listening to the Divine.  Questions may be asked, but mostly it is through listening that mentoring flourishes.  The Divine also works through dreams and dreamwork through sharing and interpretation can offer clarification.

Spiritual Mentoring works best when it occurs every month or every 6 weeks.  A session will last for one hour.  There is an initial meet which is about 30 to 45 minutes in length to see if the “fit” is mutual.  Spiritual Mentoring is not a substitute for therapy or counselling.

If you are seeking to grow closer to Divine or are wanting to deepen your relationship with Creator, then spiritual mentoring is for you.  It is a compassionate and confidential environment that is beneficial for soul expansion.