Self Awareness and New Beginnings

Best-to-Come-Chalkboard-Wallpaper-TidyMomHappy New Year!

If you are like most people, you have made some new year’s resolutions and may be just at the point where keeping those resolutions is becoming a bit tricky.

But these first few weeks into the new year are actually the perfect time to take stock of your environment and adjust.

Start by looking back to just 2014. What negative thoughts do you wish to leave behind? Remember that like attracts like! Who should you let go? Why type of person or friends did you want in your life for this year?

Is there anyone at present that seems more positive, encouraging or uplifting?

Are you going to be more flexible and let life flow? If you don’t hear from someone for a while, become aware of the space without that person, how does it feel? If a specific date or event changes, are you open to that change by saying to yourself it didn’t happen for a good reason or maybe the timing would not have been right? Or will you choose to become more upset with it and yourself?

Cutting ties with people or certain ways of thinking or ways of approach is also a way to encourage self-awareness. Forgiving yourself and freeing yourself are also a part of self-awareness.

Did you see repetitions occur during 2014? If so, how will you ensure that 2015 does not bring about those same repetitions?

If you see that a pattern is commencing yet once again stop yourself and ask yourself how can I change this or how do I stop this to make it change?

Breathe deep in and out! Step back. Be still. Be aware. You can change and so can things!

Namaste 2015!