Akashic Records

akashicRecords_rhospiritualguideThe Akashic Records are considered the “Book of Life”. It is believed that everyone has their own book. Everything we say, do, feel, think and even intend is written here. Your past life is in this book.

Akashic Records readings are $160 for a 60 minute session and $180 for a 90 minute session.  Sessions can be conducted remotely by phone as well. 

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Why would you want a reading using the Akashic Records?

These records provide deep clarification of ourselves and how we relate to the universe. They can also be used to clean actions or relationships if need be. They provide a greater understanding of our relationship with the universe and the Divine. They also provide guidance for matters where you need clarification and help with decision making.

Many answers can be provided by the Book of Life and it is a great way to communicate with the Divine.