A reading with Rho always feels like a chat with a very old friend who genuinely cares about your well being and always offers important, meaningful advice and insights for your life. A virtual reading with her is a different way of communicating with her but in no way changes the energetic connection between her and I. Her authenticity in her healing work always shines through. I am so grateful that I found her in 2016. She is one of the best readers I’ve ever met in my life. An eternal client.


Thank you again for your awesome help. You make a difference in the lives of others with that very special gift that you have. You should be very proud :0) I am beyond appreciative.


I’m always a bit speechless after our readings and this last one left me questioning and speechless too…you led me down a great path of deeper self discovery about things I thought I had dealt with or things I needed to look at some more. Identifying old patterns, old ways of thinking and relating…many insights.


The Akashic Reading was incredible! I can’t believe what came up!


Thank you for helping me get back to spirituality.


After my first session with Rosanna I was sold. She was dead on! I was struck by her willingness to be very accommodating despite her hectic schedule. Subsequently I referred her to family and friends who like myself have had very positive experiences and continue to see Rosanna on a regular basis.


Readings by Rho make me feel safe and are insightful. They also encourage and stimulate me to become introspective.


I’ve known Rho for 13 years – first as a friend and now as a medium. I tend to be pragmatic so was quite skeptical of what a medium could do. Just when you don’t know where a reading is going she’ll hit you with something no one could possibly know. She’s compassionate, caring and the real deal.


Thank you so much, you helped me to feel better!