change_rhospiritualguideChanges, changes, changes. In my readings this has been coming up a lot.

Change is scary. It is so unknown. However, if the known does not fit right or feel right or work anymore then the only right action is change.

We love to hang onto what we know no matter how bad it makes us feel emotionally or physically. Why you ask? Well as the saying goes “better the devil you know, then the devil you don’t know”. I say “get rid of the devil.”

Why does every imminent change need to be presented as dark and dreary? Approach change as “I’m ready!” Most times when change does arrive, not only is there unknown but it also causes us to step out of our comfort zone. This is a good thing. We need to understand ourselves and recognize our further potential, not just the here and now.

One of my suggestions is to try a simple change, for example buy a coloured top or pant that you would never ever wear. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but try buying something you never ever would wear and wear it. You will most likely receive compliments or nobody would even notice.

Change happens every day. We wear different clothes and eat different meals. We age. We vacation. We meet different friends on different days. We talk to different people everyday.

So why do we find change so scary when it is constantly happening? Because we choose to make something constant even though it really isn’t. As someone told me once, when someone loses their job they are still the same person they were yesterday except now they just don’t have that job. They are the same person with the same skills.

Many believe that 2008 was the start of big changes due to the financial crisis. 2012 was the next big year of change. 2015 totals the number 8. It represents the year of noticing recurrent cycles and getting rid of those that served no purpose. Inner drive to achieve things increases in 2015. A great many things will be accomplished this year since it is a number 8 year.

Embrace the change and step outside the comfort zone. We can all do this and it doesn’t have to be scary!